T.O.N.T.O.s Expanding Head Band

T.O.N.T.O.s Expanding Head Band - "It's About Time"
Recorded 1974 on Polydor 2383-308 SUPER
Style:  Popular, Electronic Synthesizer Music
T.O.N.T.O.s Expanding Head Band  - "Tonto Rides Again"
Reissued 1996 on Viceroy VIN60322
Style:  Popular, Electronic Synthesizer Music

"Tonto Rides Again" is a 2 CD set that contains the first the album "Zero Time" and unreleased tracks which are really the tracks from "It's About Time" given new track titles.

T.O.N.T.O is an acronym for The Original New Timbral Orchestra.  T.O.N.T.O is basically 2 guys and the monster synthesizer they created along with Robert Moog.  The 2 guys are Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff.

For more information about the synthesizer checkout synthmuseum.com as well as the link for Malcolm Cecil above.